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Auto darkening welding goggle reviews

Best safety Goggle for welding 2021:
Best safety Goggle for welding 2021:

Friends, if you do the work of welding then it is very important to take care of the eyes. Because the spark of the building brings light to the eyes and causes a lot of irritation. So, we should also follow eye safety in the situation.

About this product :

      So friends, we have brought some Auto darkening welding goggle for your welding work. This safety auto darkening goggle is works with solar and sensors. You can get this safety goggle with very cheap price form online. Check Now from Amazon.

     There is a lot of technology used in this Goggle. When you will use this Goggle, it will work in a normal way. And as soon as the welding spark occurs, this sensor will start working and the normal lens will convert to dark. And as soon as the welding spark is over, its sensor will work in normal mode.

    There are a lot of features available in the Auto darkening welding goggle. You can also adjust the lens. You can use this safety auto darkening goggle in any kind of welding work. Such as ARC, MMA, MIG, TIG welding.

Auto darkening welding goggle

Auto darkening welding goggle Suitability :

  1. Auto-Darkening welding goggle.
  2. Combine color of black and green.
  3. Comfortable head band ergonomically designed for comfortable fit.
  4. Solar powered for simple and reliable operation
  5. Suitable for ARC, MIG,TIG, MMA,GMAW welding work


Features Available in Auto darkening goggle :

  1. Provide full protection for the user's eyes against UV/IR radiation during the entire welding process, even in the light state.
  2. Double filter, avoid harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation produced by the arc, welding light damage to the eye.
  3. Comfortable head band ergonomically designed for comfortable fit.
  4. Adjustable lens system available.
  5. Washable band fitted with the Auto darkening goggle with adjustable.
  6. The protection level in light state DIN 3 Dark state fixed shade DIN 11.
  7. It makes welders feel comfortable with welding working. High performance solar cells for better Experience.

Specifications of Auto darkening goggle :

Brand Name : Homdum
Color : Black and green
Package Dimensions : 24.6 x 13 x 9.4 cm
Weight : 90 Grams


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